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For Multi Level Marketers
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Slide background Simple Online Bookkeeping
For Multi Level Marketers
Start My Free 30 Day Trial

PRB Online Bookkeeping is the first online bookkeeping service of it's kind. It was built especially for Multi Level Marketers with the aim to remove your "bookkeeping blues". PRB Online Bookkeeping helps you to easily keep detailed records of your sales, commission, income, expenses, receipts and mileage for tax purposes - and most importantly estimates your profit! It also enables you to quickly create and send receipts on the go, so you can spend more time focusing on your customer relationships.

PRB Online Bookkeeping Benefits

Tax Calculator

Know exactly how much you owe HMRC in real time enabling you to budget.

Invoice / Receipt Generator

Create branded invoices / receipts from a simple template.

Customer Contact Database

Convenient access to your customer database when raising invoices / receipts and tracking payments.




Download your transactions into a CSV file, hand it to your accountant and keep your tax return costs low.

Expense Management

Add your expenses and our software automatically incorporates these into your tax liability calculation.

Multiple Income Streams

Have various sources of income? Our smart tax calculator allows you to incorporate and track all of these income streams, providing you with an accurate year end tax liability.


24 Hour Access

Manage your finanances from any web enabled device.


Add your invoice & payment dates, appointments, tasks and reminders to your calendar for easy reference.

Unlimited customer and storage

Add as many customers and as much data as you need.


CIS Compliant

Allocate CIS tax deductions against invoice payments and have these deductions automatically incorporated into your net tax liability.

VAT Compliant

Software is fully VAT Compliant, calculating your quarterly VAT liability for both regular and flat rate and VAT schemes.

Unsubscribe easily

Close your account in a few clicks.


Add Historical data

The ability to add your existing data from 2008/2009 tax year.

Mileage Calculator

If you use a vehicle (car, motorcycle or bicycle) for the purposes of trade then you can reduce your tax liability. Track and claim all your mileage usage in one easy to use tool.

Home As Office Use Calculator

If you use your Home as an Office for the purpose of trade, HMRC will allow you to claim part of your running costs as an expense. Home As Office usage can be tracked, adjusted and incorporated into your tax liability and will be calculated as a single expense.

PRB Helpline Service

The PRB Online Bookkeeping Helpline Service is our best-selling service because it really does take away your "bookkeeping blues". All a Multi Level Marketer needs to manage their financial information is an online bookkeeping system, an experienced accountant to answer your questions, someone to prepare your tax computations and then submit your tax return. The Helpline Service does this all for you.

During your 30 Day Free Trial you will be able to try out the PRB Online Bookkeeping Software and have access to an experienced accountant who will answer all of your bookkeeping questions to ensure you are happy before registration.

Free Bookkeeping Training for Multi Level Marketers

PRB Accountants deliver insightful bookkeeping training courses at both national and distributor level across the country. We have been educating large and small groups of distributors on the compliance aspects of bookkeeping and tax for many years and thoroughly enjoy it.

We enjoy it so much that our Managing Partner, Chris Whitley-Jones would be happy to deliver a free training course to you and your team himself. Call Chris directly on 01444 449 502 to arrange a training session.

All Accounting & Tax Services

PRB Accountants provides a full range of other accountancy and tax related services including bookkeeping, VAT returns, accounting, audit, company secretarial and payroll bureau. All fees are charged on a fixed-fee basis and can be spread over 10 months using our fee funding facility.

Visit PRB Accountants LLP or PRB Network Marketing for more information.